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In Support Of These Truths
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Evangelical Beliefs
Our desire for others is that they might be saved from the penalty and power of their sins, and, as a result, enjoy a personal and joyful relationship with their Creator forever.  This happens when a person places their trust only and completely in the one true God for the free gift of a full and legal pardon-based upon the death of Jesus on the cross as their substitute.
We, the undersigned, make known our agreement with these ten core Biblical truths as expressed in What Evangelical Christians Believe.  We do so, not to offer an official statement of doctrine, nor to suggest that these essential beliefs are complete and comprehensive; but rather to emphatically proclaim the unity of the historic Christian faith in truths that matters most.
If you would like to add your church or ministry to this list, please contact us at or call 253-831-1807.
These churches and ministries are some that agree with What Evangelical Christians Believe. Their statement of faith links will direct site visitors to their respective official doctrinal statements, as evidence that our central evangelical Christian beliefs are unified, although we might find diverse ways of expressing these essential truths.  We encourage those who visit these sites to stay and explore them more thoroughly.


Assemblies of God (denomination)
fundamental truths

Centerpoint Christian Fellowship, Tacoma WA
What We Believe

Edgewood Bible Church, Edgewood WA
Doctrinal Essentials

Ephraim Church of the Bible, Ephraim UT
   statement of faith
Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America (denomination)
confession of faith

Fellowship Bible Church, Tacoma WA
   statement of faith

New Hope Free Will Baptist Church, Sumner WA
what we believe

Provo Bible Church, Provo UT
   statement of faith

Rock Point Church, Crawfordsville IN
what we believe


Child Evangelism Fellowship (international)
statement of faith

Christian Research and Counsel
faith statement

Institute For Religious Research
statement of faith

Mormonism Research Ministry
   statement of faith

Mormons Need Hope
what we believe

Small Church Ministries
doctrinal statement

The Older The Bolder
biblical Christianity

Tri-Grace Ministries
statement of faith